Raw Natural Diets

I am starting to find that a raw natural diet is best for dogs and cats. The reason that I see is that is more closely matches the primal diet that they have eaten before they were domesticated.

Much of the dry, barely tasteful kibble that you feed your pets is highly processed and has fillers along with rancid oils for flavoring. I certainly don’t want to feed my pets that.

As a scientist, my hesitation is that dogs and cats have been bred on the commercial diets and are no longer fit to digest the raw natural meals as they ate before any longer.

On the other hand, they still are able to find and eat rodents and birds in the back yard with no adverse effects. In fact, many people claim that their pets are much healthier and happier on the raw natural diet. In that case, I am for the raw natural diets.

While I contemplate the benefits of a raw natural diet vs. cooked, I am feeding my pets a home cooked diet. Soon, I will be making that available to pet owners in my area.

In the meantime, tell me your thoughts on the raw natural diet.

Best to you and your pets.

Animal Abuse Registry

It is well known that people who abuse animals are five times more likely to commit a violent crime against a human. If we can keep track of those who commit these atrocities, we may be better prepared to keep our family safe.

A bill has been presented to the California legislature to require felony animal abusers to register with the local law enforcement and be entered into a public registry, very similar to the sex offender registry. Other states are considering similar movements.

Funding is a concern to some government officials, saying that the fines imposed would not be able to support it. Conversely, the cost would be well worth it if we were able to prevent more costly crimes in the future.

A private organization has created an animal abuse registry, Pet-Abuse.com. It currently tracks about 16,000 accused or convicted animal abusers. Not only is this database keeping people aware of the risks in their own neighborhood, it is making people aware of how widespread animal cruelty is.

It is hard to look at, but it is a real eye opener. You can find ongoing cases and even subscribe to receive updates at Pet-Abuse.com.

A Destructive Dog, But Selective

Those puppies are so cute, but they love to chew. Well our hound isn’t exactly a puppy, but she sure acts like one sometimes. She doesn’t just chew on anything; she finds things when you least expect it. She chewed up one of my favorite hats when I left it on the coffee table. Then she chewed up a roll of paper towels. She looked awfully proud of herself after that one.

Florabelle proud of her accomplishment

Destructive dogs can make a cute dog picture at times, but it can also be a real problem. If it isn’t a big problem, the best thing to do is to catch them in the act and redirect their behavior to something else. Puppies like to chew things, which is perfectly natural. But, that is the time to make sure that they chew on the right things. I would not give them an old shoe to chew on. They may think that it’s OK to chew on shoes. Instead, give them a dog toy to chew on.

If there are larger problems, you will see other issues such as aggressiveness, depression, house training issues, and health problems. This will require more aggressive management. Of course, one of the first things you should do is talk to your veterinarian. You can also hire a professional dog trainer. Many problems may be solved with training at home with the proper guidance.

If you find that your dog is chewing your favorite hats, or shoes, or couch, you may want to evaluate your dogs behavior further to determine if there are more underlying problems. A good training program at home is a good start.

It isn’t hard to train dogs to fit well into your pack. You just need the right tools for training your dogs. Learn how to train your dogs to do more than sit, stay, and fetch at Pro Dog Training Now.