Feeding Your Dog

There are many different products available to feed your dogs. You can pay a lot for some of them, and some can be very cheap. But, even the most expensive foods can be bad for your dog. Since the dog food industry is not regulated very well, you may be feeding something that will eventually be detrimental to the health of your beloved family member.

Even the premium pet brands don’t always have a lot of control over the meats and other products that they get to put into their food. They may be unknowingly be putting euthanized and diseased animal meat into their food. Even road kill. It depends on the company that they are getting their meat from.

What is a dog parent to do? Well, research is the first step. There is plenty of information available. Many people move to making dog food at home. It is certainly a good option. You know what your best friend is getting, and you can customize it to your dog’s needs. Unfortunately, it can be time consuming to making dinner for your human family members and your dog too.

I would love to know what you feed your dog and why. Please complete the survey below. I want gather as much information as possible to educate all dog owners on the proper feeding of their furry kids.

Found By A Hound

It’s only been two weeks since we said goodbye to our boy. After only a few days, a stray showed up where our horse is boarded. The barn owner thought of us immediately. Of course, she understood our loss. But, she called us right away with the news of this wonderful girl. I decided I wasn’t ready. Although I have been very resistant to the idea, I have also been selling myself on it while trying to find her a home. As I tell people about what a wonderful girl she is, I find myself wanting to take her in more and more.

She is a cute hound mix. She looks like a cross between a Beagle and Basset Hound with long legs. When she sits and stretches her head back to look at you standing behind her, you just melt. I guess I am a sucker for a cute face. She would definitely need some work on the leash, but that is an easy task. We don’t know about her inside habits, as she is living in a goat pen because the barn owner’s dog hates her unfortunately.

My family brought her to our house the other day to see how our other dog and her get along. It seemed to go pretty well. I know it would work out if we took her in. We have already named her Florabelle. I guess that makes it even tougher for us to find her a home besides our own.

When we were in the process of adopting Douglas in 2005, we had to let our Doberman go. We postponed the adoption for a little while, but continued. Now he is gone, and we are in a similar situation. Everyone has his or her own “rules” on how long we should wait. But, it is funny how things just happen. Finding a family companion just happens. You don’t always go looking for it.

Retired Greyhound Racer To Family’s Best Friend

Douglas started his life April 5, 2001 as Zam Lenny Go, offspring of the sire Molotov (record breaking racer in the US Hall of Fame) and dam Lenny Lumina. He raced from August 2002 until July 2004. 2003 was the highlight of his career, when he won half of his races, and retired from racing in 2004.

He found his way to Arizona Greyhound Rescue in Tucson, AZ. That is where we found him in December 2004. He was a standout dog that was very handsome. We couldn’t help but be drawn to him and took him home. AGR renamed him Douglas after an Arizona City, which we chose to keep. It was a fine name for such a fine animal. “Doug the Dog.”

Douglas spent much of his time “roaching” (lying on his back) on his bed. He seemed to enjoy just lying around with us. But he did enjoy occasionally showing off his speed. We would take him in the back yard and get him going. Boy was he fast! Then he would go back inside and sleep until it was time to go to bed. Sometimes it seemed like he was more of a cat than a dog.

He loved people. Everyone that came in the door was met with great enthusiasm, sometimes too much. He would quiver with excitement and jump up on people. Not good for an 80 pound dog to be jumping up on you and stepping on your feet. Once you starting giving him some loving, he would calm down and just enjoy it.

Douglas and I were the only ones in the house who liked cheese crackers. So, I would open a bag, he would come running, and I would “accidentally” drop some on the floor as I ate them. He would happily clean them up for me. Those were some of our greatest bonding moments.

In 2009, he started showing signs of lameness in his right front leg. We thought it might have been a thorn in his paw from a mesquite tree at some point. It persisted and we took him to the vet to investigate it further. We eventually found out that it was bone cancer.

There were a few options, which included amputation, that didn’t really give him great longevity that was worth the treatment. So we decided to just manage the pain that he had in his leg. After a while, the pain medications that we were giving him just weren’t enough. He would still wake up in the middle of the night growling and whining. We would give him even more, but then he was just intoxicated from the medication most of the time. It was time to say good-bye to Douglas.

On September 12, 2009, we said our final good-byes to him. He was the first animal that I have been so close to since I was a child. His funny moments and his quirks were what made him Douglas.

I miss my boy.

The Best Natural Dog Foods Are Made At Home

Commercial dog food may be killing your dog. Learn the truth about what is being put into your dog food. Learn to make the best natural dog foods for your dog.

You will find many dog foods in the store that claim to be the healthiest for your dog. Even the best natural dog foods are far from natural and healthy. What many people don’t know is that dog food companies are largely unregulated, and put things into that food that is anything but healthy. In fact, commercial pet food has been linked to thousands of deaths in the US. I don’t know if I want to spend the money to slowly kill my dogs.

There is an easy solution… make your own natural dog food. The best natural dog foods are those that you make yourself. It really is easy. The general ingredients include meat, rice, vegetables, and vitamin supplements. There are many dog food recipes that you can try, or you can come up with your own. Just make sure that you know what vegetables to stay away from. Find out which ingredients are best to put into your dog food recipes.

The many reasons the best natural dog foods are made at home include:

  • You know what is in your dog’s food
  • You can add your dog’s favorite ingredients
  • Your dog will live longer and happier
  • You will save money

Don’t continue to feed your dog the garbage that commercial dog food companies are selling. Learn the truths about the dog food companies, and make the best natural dog foods at home.

Take a moment to look at my lens on how to make your own natural dog food.