Animal Abuse Registry

It is well known that people who abuse animals are five times more likely to commit a violent crime against a human. If we can keep track of those who commit these atrocities, we may be better prepared to keep our family safe.

A bill has been presented to the California legislature to require felony animal abusers to register with the local law enforcement and be entered into a public registry, very similar to the sex offender registry. Other states are considering similar movements.

Funding is a concern to some government officials, saying that the fines imposed would not be able to support it. Conversely, the cost would be well worth it if we were able to prevent more costly crimes in the future.

A private organization has created an animal abuse registry, It currently tracks about 16,000 accused or convicted animal abusers. Not only is this database keeping people aware of the risks in their own neighborhood, it is making people aware of how widespread animal cruelty is.

It is hard to look at, but it is a real eye opener. You can find ongoing cases and even subscribe to receive updates at