The Best Natural Dog Foods Are Made At Home

Commercial dog food may be killing your dog. Learn the truth about what is being put into your dog food. Learn to make the best natural dog foods for your dog.

You will find many dog foods in the store that claim to be the healthiest for your dog. Even the best natural dog foods are far from natural and healthy. What many people don’t know is that dog food companies are largely unregulated, and put things into that food that is anything but healthy. In fact, commercial pet food has been linked to thousands of deaths in the US. I don’t know if I want to spend the money to slowly kill my dogs.

There is an easy solution… make your own natural dog food. The best natural dog foods are those that you make yourself. It really is easy. The general ingredients include meat, rice, vegetables, and vitamin supplements. There are many dog food recipes that you can try, or you can come up with your own. Just make sure that you know what vegetables to stay away from. Find out which ingredients are best to put into your dog food recipes.

The many reasons the best natural dog foods are made at home include:

  • You know what is in your dog’s food
  • You can add your dog’s favorite ingredients
  • Your dog will live longer and happier
  • You will save money

Don’t continue to feed your dog the garbage that commercial dog food companies are selling. Learn the truths about the dog food companies, and make the best natural dog foods at home.

Take a moment to look at my lens on how to make your own natural dog food.

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